Thursday, May 28, 2009

Our sonogram was today!

We found out this morning that our 3rd child will be a boy. We were both feeling pretty confident going into the ultrasound that it was a girl. It's funny that we felt that way because there was no evidence whatsoever to lead us to that belief. But, needless to say, we were shocked that it is a boy and are very excited because he looks healthy. We're thankful for this little miracle.

We're seriously considering names for this little guy to have a profound meaning to what he has meant to our lives, even in his brief 18.5 weeks of life. He's brought our family together in a way that we never knew or realized he would. God has used him in so many significant ways already and we pray that we'll find a name that truly reflects what he means to us. We've already been looking and discussing and have found some good ones, yet we're not close yet to nailing it down. I enjoy the time when the name is set because I feel even more tied to the baby than I already am. We still have plenty of time, though.


Anonymous said...

We are so happy for you, for us and for gommy and poppy!!!!!

Courtney said...

I already said it on FB, but congrats again!! Little boys are the greatest...but I'm not biased at all :)

Joy said...

That's wonderful! It'll be fun to see yet another personality!