Monday, October 29, 2007

The Herlihy Dog

For those of you who are SNL fans, you may remember the skits of "The Herlihy Boy", starring Adam Sandler. Well, recently we've dubbed Cayman "The Herlihy Dog" because many of her antics/facial expressions remind us so much of the Herlihy Boy. Patrick and I have enjoyed adding a Herlihy "script" to several of her antics, including:

* Please let me sleep in your bed (direct from The Herlihy Boy)
* Please let me come in your house
* Please let me lay at your feet
* Please let me play in the yard
* Please let me play with your child
* Please let me eat some of your food

...and there are several more.

Here is a clip of The Herlihy Boy. Please note that there is some mild language (thanks to Chris Farley). And for those of you who know our dog, imagine it's her thoughts be spoken by the Herlihy Boy...oh, it's funny.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Baby Showers

Last Sunday, the ladies from church threw a shower for me and another friend of mine who just recently had a baby boy. It was so wonderful to have these ladies, though nearly strangers, make such a wonderful event occur in honor of Ethan and Zach (my friend's baby).

This past Thursday, Patrick's work threw him a baby shower, too, in honor of Ethan. It was a surprise to him, so when Mallory and I walked into his meeting on Thursday morning, he was happy to see us and felt very honored by the event his coworkers organized for our family.

We're so blessed!

Pictures from the Gentiva shower:

Gator Chick

Last weekend, we were invited to a Halloween birthday party for a little girl in Mallory's playgroup. The party sort of snuck up on me and I didn't have a costume for Mallory. With my fingers crossed, I pulled out her chicken costume from last year and tried it on her. By golly, it still fit! A 6/9 month costume fit my 18-month old! Amazing.
Anyway, I had put Mallory's Gator shirt on under the costume and figured she'd make a cute "Gator Chick" (though we did zip up the top when we arrived at the party!). She was cute!

Joy of Posting

Sorry it's been a while since I've posted. I'm sure some of you have wondered "Is she having the baby???" Well, the answer is no. I'm still pregnant. I've just been really busy. My calendar has been full, which has been nice since my days are going by quicker. I'm so uncomfortable and I'm ready for Ethan to come! For an update of how I'm "progressing", I now go the OB every week and last time I was there, I was 1cm dialated (better than nothing!!!!). The baby is head down and he feels pretty low (lots of pressure!!!). My BP and E's heartrate are fine. All looks good!

We were expecting company this weekend, but our plans changed at the last minute, so we're going to spend some time together as a family. But this morning, Patrick took Mallory to Bojangles for breakfast and then to the park for some playtime, which gives me a few hours in my house all by myself. At these times, I honestly don't know what to do with myself! In the 45 minutes they've been gone so far, I've straightened up the house, made the bed, took a shower, and got dressed. All of those activities usually take over an hour with Mallory running around! So, I figured I'd spend about a half hour to catch up on my blogging, then I'll make my grocery list and head to the store baby-less. By the time I get home, Patrick and Mallory should be here and lunch will need to be prepared.

Today's further activities: Watch the FL/GA game at 3:30. Other than that, there are no plans. We may do something tonight, but we'll play that by ear...


Friday, October 19, 2007

A year and a half old

Our baby girl is now 18-months old. Today.

My, how time seems to continually fly by. It's funny how time does tricks to a person's mind; where Mallory's growth is concerned, time passes too quickly and where Ethan's birth is concerned, time passes too slowly. It amazes me how I can have different perspectives on the same concept.

Mallory is such a blessing in our lives. Patrick grows more in love with her each day and is constantly confessing how much he loves her...his "Mallor". I think we both wonder how we can find more love in our hearts for another child, yet I know that when we see him for the first time, we'll understand. For now, Mallory is just a little spoiled with kisses and hugs from both of us.

Today, Mallory was a challenge. She's finding her limits and pushing them constantly. Patrick came home tonight with the house a mess, the dog barking at the basement door, dinner half made on the stove, and a crying wife. Tonight was the second night in a row that Mallory refused to eat what I served her. She went to bed without dinner. It's heartbreaking when she throws her food on the floor, knowing that she'll receive punishment. It's heartbreaking when she starts another "activity", like throwing all of her clothes out of the drawer (3 times today!), that I need to start disciplining her for. She's starting to throw tantrums and will become dead weight when I hold her hand to lead her away from something she wants towards somewhere else I need her to be. I'm questioning my decisions and wondering how I'm going to be able to handle two children. I'm physically and emotionally weary. Every morning I pray for patience, asking the Lord to allow me not to exasperate my daughter. I pray that Mallory will learn obedience and that she'll learn that my authority is granted to me by God.

So, the 18-month mark came with bitter-sweetness; bitter because I realize how fleeting time is and knowing that each stage in childhood development won't only push Mallory's limits but mine as well, and sweet because God has chosen to bless me as a mother and is allowing me the pleasure of glorifying Him in this role.

I love you, sweet Mallory. You're my girl and my heart is so full it could almost burst.

A day trip to Gatlinburg

My parents are spending this week in Gatlinburg with my dad's brothers and sister for a 'sibling' reunion. Since Gatlinburg is only an hour and a half from us, Mallory and I headed over there on Tuesday for the day.

I have many memories of Gatlinburg, since my family used to travel up there at least once a year for about 10 years while my parents used to work for Burger King. Patrick and I have been there twice in the last 4 years and hope to make it a place we'll frequent in the coming years with our kids. Though there are tons of things to do there, I mainly have memories of eating at great restaurants, shopping, and riding go-carts. There are GREAT candy shops and you can always find deals on clothing at one of the 4 outlet shopping centers in Pigeon Forge. Oh, and don't forget to get a Corn Dog at Fanny Farkles.
Though we only had a day, we ate at one of my favorite breakfast spots, Applewood, with my mom, dad, Aunt Rona, Uncle John, Aunt Gail and Aunt Lynn. My other aunt and uncles were golfing while we chowed down on Apple Fritters, eggs, bacon, pancakes and the like! We shopped for a little while and then went back to the chalet where my family was staying (which was huge and beautiful). We had a great time and I'm thrilled that this vacation spot is so close to our house!

Here are a few pictures on the grounds of Applewood.

Mallory at the gym

I take Mallory to an open gym class at a local gymnasium about 5 minutes from our house. Though she's usually the youngest that is jumping on the trampoline, running across the mats, and sliding down the slides, I have heard comments from the gym coach that our girl would be a great gymnast due to her petite size and excellent balance (my buttons burst just a *tad* at the compliments of my girl...).

Anyway, Patrick was off last Friday and he was able to join us at the gym. He had a great time watching Mallory's antics and I was able to have my hands free to take a video.

37 wk Update

I had my 37 wk OB appointment on Wednesday and all looks good with the baby. Ethan is head-down and his heart-rate is in the 140's. The doctor says that he's about 6 lbs, judging from where he feels Ethan's butt and head after probing my abdomen. My blood pressure remains around 118/75, which is my average. Now that I'm going to the OB each week, I hope to hear these good reports at my remaining visits.

After hearing about the loss of Molly Piper's baby girl and my own dear cousin who lost her daughter just a few days before these precious babies were about to make their arrival, I am constantly aware of Ethan's movements and praying that God will bring him to us safe. I know that God has the perfect timing of life for every person and selfishly I ask for a lifetime with my son, though I know He may want Ethan sooner. Ethan is a mover and a shaker in the womb and it really doesn't bother me anymore that it's now hurting when he kicks, even when my ribs ache at 4 in the morning.

I pray that God will deliver me from my fears and keep his hand upon our family as we prepare for his arrival in just a few weeks. Will you pray the same for us?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Gram and Pops Visit

Patrick's folks came to visit this past weekend in honor of Patrick's birthday. We had a great time with them; Mom M. made one of Patrick's favorite desserts, we played games, we watched football and the NASCAR race, we went to Jonesborough to shop, and enjoyed their presence at church on Sunday morning. We had a great time...with many new memories!!!

Here are some pictures from our trip to Jonesborough. It's such a quaint town with great shops and it was SOOO beautiful decorated for fall!

Yesterday's sunrise

I know you all are probably tired of pictures of our mountains, but I couldn't resist taking a picture of our sunrise yesterday. Man, it was pretty! Pictures can't do it justice, but at least it gives you a small taste of the beauty.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Patrick turns 30!!!

Today is my hubby's 30th birthday. It's hard to believe that he's stepped over the 30 threshold, though I'm honestly not far behind! He has a busy day at work today, but he's off tomorrow and we're expecting his folks to come in town to celebrate.

This morning, I made him a special breakfast...eggs with stegosaurus biscuits (yes, my husband is still a kid at heart)!!! We opened presents and had a nice time having a few moments together before he headed off to work. We'll have a quiet evening at home tonight but are anticipating a nice weekend with family.

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!
Breakfast together!

T-shirt with Patrick's favorite comics characters (Rob, Bucky and Satchel from "Get Fuzzy)

"Theology Student for Life"

Monday, October 8, 2007

35.5 Weeks

I took a few pictures of myself at 35.5 weeks. After every shot I took, I realized that the angle I kept using made me look big. But then, after every angle I tried, I still looked big. So, needless to say, no angle is a "slimming" angle right now. For those of you who have requested a prego pic, here you go...

*sheepishly posting this photograph*

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sunday morning dress

I think this will be the last Sunday in a while where Mallory will be able to where summery dresses. Her 12-month summer church dresses, which she can still fit into, have a babyish look to them, but there is one that she wears (which is actually 18-month) that makes her look more like a little girl than a baby. I put her in this dress (one of my favorites, by the way) this morning, tied her hair back in a bow, and put on her "big girl" know, those shoes that sort of make a little clogging sounds each time a step is taken. This was her first time in the big girl shoes and she was a bit enamored by the sounds the shoes made. I honestly have to say I was a little choked up when I put the shoes on her because they made her LOOK like a big girl; no more flat-soled, leather-bottomed shoes for her!!! Though we only had about 5 minutes to get out of the door to make it to church on time, I had to snap a few pictures of my girl.


Patrick requested that we take Mallory to get ice cream this past Saturday after dinner. Since he had worked in the yard ALL DAY (planting, spreading pine needles, tilling, aerating, seeding, fertilizing, watering), I had to agree! We had never taken Mallory out for just dessert before and thought it would be a lot of fun. We had 3 different kinds of ice cream and she enjoyed every one! It was a fun time and another "first" with her. I try to take these times I have with her and store them away in my treasure chest of memories to enjoy later in my life. It's amazing how quickly she grows and how these "firsts" just past fleetingly. Oh, that I may remember!
Cookies and Cream in a cup

Daddy's Chocolate Malt

Mommy's mint chocolate chip cone

God's Good Earth...

I tell you what, I'm reminded of God's majestic glory every morning while watching the sunrise over the Holston Mountain Range. One of the first things I do when I open my eyes in the morning is look out our window to see what God paints in the sky above the mountains. Some days, it's really hazy and we don't see anything. But recently, it's been very clear and we've had some spectacular views out our back windows, which are in the master bedroom, kitchen, dining room and Mallory's room.

Dawn - Just before sunrise

In the afternoons, I love to see the green, green grass and flourishing trees that sit before the range. The green is now turning mostly brown, but there are some colors dotting the view, displaying their autumn colors which I'm assuming will peak in the next few weeks.

Afternoon around 4pm

In the evenings, the sun sets towards the front of the house but it casts a purplish glow above the mountains to the east, causing what clouds are in the sky to turn turquoise, pink, orange, and purple. Each time causes our mountains to look very different, each with its own distinct beauty.

Before dusk around 6:30pm - this display only lasts for about 30 minutes in the evenings

I said to Patrick just the other day that I'm so thankful that while we are living in the mountains we can actually SEE the mountains from our house. There are only a few neighborhoods in the area that offer such pleasure and the Lord, for some reason, gave us a house in one of them. We're expecting the weather to cool down this week (highs in the low 70s and 40s in the morning hours) and I'm looking forward to having my morning coffee on the back porch and evening conversations with Patrick while enjoying the majesty of God's good earth.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Ethan's Room

I made some finishing touches to Ethan's room over the weekend. Also, his rocking chair came in and my mother sent the finished crib bumper, so his room is almost complete. There are still a few odds and ends that need to be purchased, but nothing pressing. Actually, nothing WAS pressing, but it was so much fun to make his room special. Here are a few pics of what it currently looks like:

I finished Ethan's letters this past weekend and hung them up this morning. They look SOOO good! I'm very pleased with how it all turned out.

My mother did SUCH a good job on the crib bumper. She told me that she loved thinking about her little "E" while sewing.

Here's the rocking chair. It wasn't as dark as I recalled, but still looks good. Mom designed and made the pillow, too. CUTE! I was going to clean up the toys in the corner, but figured that the toys will probably be out A LOT in the future, so why not photograph the true environment?!?!?

Cayman's new haven. For some reason, she likes being under the cribs. Her favorite spot is under Mallory's crib, but she has a tendancy to chew up toys under there, so we usually put the "scary" toys under it so she'll not frequent it as much. :-)

Successful Weekend!

We all had a great weekend in our separate adventures!!! Patrick really enjoyed having Mallory to himself for a few days and was constantly singing her praises on how good of a traveller she was and what a sweet little girl she is (of course I already knew both of those things!!!). She had a difficult time going to sleep the first night, which doesn't really surprise me, but after that, she slept well, ate well, and played well. Gram, Pops, and Patrick had a really nice time with Mallory. And while they enjoyed each other, I had a great time to myself. I ended up getting a lot accomplished at home without overdoing it too much. I rested when I got tired, I took a nap when I wanted, I showered when I wanted, ate when and what I was great! I was able to watch a bunch of football, though I'm still in mourning over my Gators loss to Auburn. I'll get over it...

Anyway, I am refreshed for this week...and hopefully through the remainder of my pregnancy! Mallory is getting all 4 of her molars in at the same time, so she's a little kranky, but we'll get through the fussiness though it may wear me at some points! We have gym class today, which I'm hoping to remember my camera for so I can take a few pics and videos of her antics while running around in a gymnasium!!! It's too cute!