Saturday, June 20, 2009

From the mouth of babes...

Mallory's prayers have been common and the same for several weeks now as she prays before bed and meals. While Patrick has been on vacation, the children have been sitting with us as we pray together. This morning, Mallory decided she wanted to pray. Here is what she prayed for...

Mallory: "Lord Jesus, we love you. Thank you for go to hospital. Thank you for grocery store and Lowes. Thank you for bath tubs and showers and orange letters crackers. Thank you for pink juice and coffees. Thank you for car transporters and silver car. Thank you for rubber duckies. Amen."

The prayer was followed by a hearty rendition of Jesus Loves Me.

Hospital - her favorite toy is a letter toy where "H" stands for hospital. She asks to go to the hospital all the time
Orange Letters Crackers - Cheez-it's with letters on them (her favorite snack)
Pink Juice - her juice cup, which is pink
Silver Car - our mini van
Rubber Duckies - why she prays for them, I don't know...she's afraid of them.


Joy said...

Sort of along the lines of "pray for your enemies" with the rubber duckies?

Jennifer Eastland said...

This is just precious! I love the heartfelt prayers of little ones. My second son, John, is 6 and he was asked by our paster to close the service in prayer this morning (something about being a minister's kid and sitting on the front row with your family...)! He prayed, "Thank you for Jesus and dying on the cwoss (speech issues with the letter R!) for our sins and for moms and for pawents and we love you. Amen." Amen!

Courtney said...

And the "coffees?" Starting her out young, huh?! :) Very sweet!