Monday, May 10, 2010

All things through Christ are beautiful

I've been busy. I've learned that this is the story of my life. It's my normal. But, I'm busy with people. Little people. Little people who can bring me both great joy and great frustration. Little people who God has given me for just a short time to care for and direct to Him. As I was encouraged by my pastor on Sunday, my goal is to go about my career as a full-time without grumbling or questioning (I'm going to add complaining in there too). I want to choose to live as Jesus did - a man who saw equality with God as not something to be grasped but made himself nothing (willingly and without complaint) and humbled himself. Oh, if only I could do this! But I am a sinner. I cannot be humble without Jesus. BUT, according to Paul, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. May he strengthen me!

I had a great Mother's Day weekend. The last 2 mother's day have been hard and this Mother's Day was just perfect. My parents came up to watch the kids while Patrick took me to An Evening at The Cove in Asheville, NC to see Andrew Peterson in concert on Saturday night. If you've never been to the Cove, GO! If you've never seen Andrew, GO! If you've never listened to Andrew's music, LISTEN! It was a wonderful evening with my love. On Sunday, we went to church and then had a great dinner prepared by Patrick and my Dad (steak and shrimp!!!). Mom and I tried to see a sneak peak of Letters to Juliet, but it was canceled at the last minute(go figure!). We were a bit disappointed, but we were able to indulge in a half-price Frappuccino at Starbucks and relieve Dad and Patrick the responsibility of entertaining 3 kids while preparing dinner. Mom and I received big hugs from our men when we walked in the door. I had an early birthday celebration with my folks with cake and gifts. It was a great day.

My 32nd birthday is tomorrow. There isn't anything too special planned and that's OK. I've had a lot of "special" lately.

Life is good. Challenging, yes. But good. And beautiful.


Patrick said...

I had a wonderful weekend as well. Love you.

By the way, I took a really good picture!

Anonymous said...

Patrick, You took a great picture, what a beautiful family!

Courtney said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! We're the same age again (for a few months at least.) Take care :)

Aimee said...
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Aimee said...

Love that you and Patrick had such a great date