Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Kids

How can it be that Mallory is 4 and half? Oh, how time flies. She's a sweet, sweet girl who LOVES to please and help me. She loves deeply and fervently and this girl LOVES her Daddy! She does have foibles that cause us to chuckle, like always wanting to be on the right side or acting out entire episodes of Kipper the Dog or knowing which places around town has hand dryers so we can avoid them (she GREATLY despises hand dryers). She is a reader and a speller and is very good at both. She's reading words like "underneath" and "enough" and "thanksgiving" and "knife". She spends more time reading the backs of her soccer team's (and soccer opponent's) shirts than she does kicking the ball. Needless to say, she gets distracted very easily. She thrives on praise and does her absolute best whenever she knows we will be proud of her.

This little guy is going to be 3 in just a few weeks. Ethan is full of energy - more than enough to make up for this big sister and little brother! He's VERY smart and tries to read like his big sister and he's starting to catch on to 3-letter words. He has a very sweet disposition, though he is as hard-headed as they come. I think he'll be really good at sports if he can focus on game-play rather than seeing how far and how fast he can run and who he can recruit to come with him. He loves deeply, like his sister. The boy can become afraid of the silliest things, like a volcano he sees on Dora or a pink butterfly he dreamed about the night before. Ethan lives up to his name: "Strong and impetuous one". But his bright blue eyes and silly grin melt my heart into my toes.

Evan, Evan, Evan. Oh, what a delight! He's been walking since he was 10 months and is now showing signs of running and he's not even 1, though he'll reach that milestone very soon. He's at the stage where he's curious about EVERYTHING and the task of "picking up" has a whole new meaning with this fella. His favorite "toy" is the swiffer dry mop or the broom. He can walk around the house for quite a while carrying one of these cleaning devices. He's a big guy and is already not wanting to cuddle up with me anymore. My heart is heavy, yet delighted at the same time, that my littlest is not so little anymore.

These are the three that fill my quiver. I love 'em.


Am+a said...

I love all 5 of you!! :-) Thanks for sharing the precious pics.

Amy Wright said...

They are precious, and what a sweet way to introduce - or update about - them! What fun.