Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My vote is cast

I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said "Either way, we're screwed". I found myself laughing at the credence, though deeply wondering if the statement was true. It has been very distressful to see how how our country's ecomony as drastically weakened over the last few years and it boggles my mind to know how many people are facing forecolsures or other financial turmoil. I'm angered by the Bail-out bill that was passed a few weeks ago and wonder where our free-market society has gone (or was it ever here in the first place? - I don't know). I don't really know what to say about what I feel regarding the state of the economy. I feel a lot of people have succommed to greed for bigger house, faster cars, brighter TVs, and so many other things that sqeeze budgets and open credit lines. Has anyone ever heard of the word stewardship?

Anyway, I knew I was voting for McCain today. I was never on the fence. Obama has said too many things in passing that were like fingernails on a chalk board, like when he said that people can take money out of their IRA's without penalty for instance (what would THAT do to us financially?). But most of all, I am sickened by his position on abortion. Like my friends Kelly and Dana, I was wondering how the man was going to support his position on reducing the number of abortions when the first thing he'll do as president is sign the "Freedom of Choice Act" . What a horrible, horrible bill.

If you're reading this and are on the fence about your vote, do a little more research. Obama has charisma, charm, promises tax cuts for the middle class, and promises bright and shiney health care (which I personally don't see has bright and shiney). But what about his stance on the unborn? Think about it.

And please go out and vote. And remember that neither one of these men are the answer to our problems. The country should not be put first. And Obama will not give us the change we need. Jesus is who we need and we should put Him first.

- Abortion Reduction by the Freedom of Choice Act? - Randy Alcorn
- Barack Obama Takes a Subtle But Deadly Approach to Advocating Abortion

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The Anthonys said...

I too feel that the abortion part is horrible!! My response to everyone now is that I'm going to pray for Obama every day. I'm going to pray that he makes Godly decisions. And this is a great time for us to realize that God is really our President.