Sunday, October 26, 2008

Thanks for sharing...

Ethan decided to share his cold with me. Thankfully, Patrick was here this weekend to take the "edge" off my care of the kids. Eventhough Ethan was still pretty goopy, Patrick took Ethan and Mallory out to Bojangles for breakfast on Saturday and then for a little bit of shopping. I had the morning to myself, which was just wonderful. I didn't start feeling the cold until yesterday afternoon, though I took it easy in the morning because I was just tired. I love quiet. I'm sure that when the kids are older and have left the house, which I'm glad is still a LONG way off, I'll miss the noise. But, for now I love quiet. And while the kids were napping I got to watch the Gators put Kentucky through the spanking machine. I love college football season.

Patrick had a great time with the kids and we planned on taking them out later in the evening to a fall festival down the road (more on that later). I took some cold medicine before we left and started feeling like a load of bricks hit me by the time we left the festival. We went to dinner at Cracker Barrel (a.k.a "The Barrel"), which is one of our favorite places to eat because the kids eat there so well. I had 2 cups of coffee, but was still feeling VERY tired and icky. When we got home, I realized I took night-time cold instead of day-time cold! No wonder I was draggin'! We got the kids ready for bed and Patrick watched a video with them before they were tucked in for the night. Patrick hung out with friends while I downed some probiotic and sucked on throat lozenges. Needless to say, I was out by 9:15.

I skipped church this morning since me and Ethan were both ick. E is doing better, but is still pretty goopy. I'm feeling better (I have great cold medicine!). Patrick is at church with Mallory tonight and E is already out for the count. I did vacuum today because my floors were so gross that I just HAD to vacuum! But, I'm on the couch after I fold the laundry...

Patrick and the kids:

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