Monday, July 6, 2009

A great 4th of July holiday!

I'm feeling much better since my crazy weekend last weekend...

My sister was here the day I was discharged from the hospital and she left on Thursday afternoon. On Friday, my in-laws came in town and left yesterday, so this is the first day I've had the house to myself and the kids. Though I appreciated all the help over the last 7 days, it's nice to have the house back and start getting back into a routine. This week is crazy with DR appointments; Ethan had his 18-month well visit today (off the charts in all measurements and is doing great dispite a small cold) and I have a follow-up with my OB on Wed and then an ultrasound on Thurs. We also have other appointments throughout the week that are just going to keep me and the kids VERY busy. I'm hoping to do something fun with the kids this week at least ONCE.

We had a great 4th with Gram and Pops. We went to the Jonesborough Days parade and experienced lots of tractors, something which both kids enjoy. Mallory got to hold a bunny and they saw many different animals, include baby donkeys, ducks, and chickens. On Saturday, Patrick, Grams and Pops took the kids to the park and out to lunch so I can have some quiet at home (always a blessing!!!). After dinner on the 4th, we went to the carnival at church and stayed up until 10 to watch the fireworks. I loved watching my kids experience such a marvelous event. They did great staying up so late, but needless to say they CRASHED that night. Yesterday was a nice day of rest for all of us and are geared up for a busy week, though Patrick's work is plum crazy right now, so I'm hoping he's ready! I'm sure he's already looking forward to the weekend...

Here are a few pics from our weekend adventures and you can find more here, too.

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