Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Our first unit study is finished!

We just wrapped up our Home and Family unit study. I can't believe this month has already passed and I'm just so excited about what we have ALL learned in this first month of "school".


Topical Learning:
- Relationship between Mommy/Daddy, Child/Parents, Parents/Grandparents, Child/Child, etc.
- Other familial relationships
- We have another brother who's coming very soon!
- Jesus is God's Son. We can be children of God through believing in Jesus.
- Our address
- Details about our home
- Our heart is Jesus' home when we believe in Him
- Being good stewards of our home and things
- We need to be thankful and kind to our neighbors

Practical Learning:
- Sitting and listening
- Cutting (greatly improved Mal's Fine Motor Skills!)
- Gluing
- Following a pattern/instruction
- Following a schedule
- Creating art

Me (and Patrick)
- Patience!
- Schedules cannot always be adhered to, but are very, very useful
- Little things can make a BIG difference
- Persistence is key

There are definitely more things I can add to this list!!! This week, we're going over the days of the week, calendars, seasons, etc. in preparation in talking about our unit study in October of Fall and Harvest. We'll have lots of hands on activities this month, like looking at apples and pumpkins, disecting both, how things grow, how leaves change, etc. I'd like to do more nature stuff, but we'll see how much my overly-large-and-pregnant self can take. We're all having a great time and I'm thankful that God has given me the desire to do this...and Patrick the desire to support me and be interested in what we're doing. There's little else more beautful than watching the mind of a child learn.

Pictures from September:


Kelly said...

This looks great, Melanie! The kids look like they're having a wonderful time. Enjoy fall and harvest...some of my favorite topics :-)
I always read the book Ox-Cart Man to my kiddos at this time of year.

Courtney said...

That's amazing that little E can keep up with Mal! If I tried to do the things that MD does at school, at home, I'd get nowhere. Home is a completely different world to MD - than daycare is. Congrats on accomplishing school at home :)

Amanda said...


I love you, Mel. I'm so glad that you have been able to add this school dynamic to your days at home; you are creating a good learning environment for your precious ones, plus you're making WONDERFUL memories for them and for you & Patrick!!

Courtney said...

You're funny! I just read your comment about our nap issues. You hit the nail on the head when you said I'd rather claw my eyes out with a spoon than listen to MD cry!! So true...

Somehow God is giving me the strength to get through this. We had a rough night last night but my eyes are still in tact. And I am working today...

Thanks for your advice!!