Sunday, October 25, 2009

40 weeks

Today, I'm officially "due". October 25, 2009.

I was 40w5d pregnant with Mallory when she was born. She liked where she was in my womb and took her blessed time to arrive. Today, Mallory is easily distracted and continually dawdles and daydreams, taking her time to do everything from going to the potty to eating her food to cleaning up her toys to falling asleep.

I was 39w3d pregnant with Ethan when he was born. He was ready and willing to come out in good time. Today, he wants his way quickly and immediately or he'll pitch a fit. He started running early, talking early, eating solids early, comprehending early...and so many more things...EARLY.

It makes me wonder what this little guy will be like. I guess that will depend on when I go into labor???? Time can only tell...

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Courtney said...

Good luck!! I hope you can make it until the little bambino decides to come. I'm sure the anticipation is just crazy. Take care... :)