Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Playing in the rain

Have you ever wondered how you were going to pass a LONG afternoon with 3 small kids, knowing that Daddy is going to be home late? Days like today are hard and long. Especially rainy days which are dark and gloomy adding to the sadness of Daddy being home late.

Despite the fact that it was pretty cold outside, I decided to go out in the rain. We felt the drops on our arms, ears, toes and nose and I used the time to explain how God uses the rain to make our vegetables grow and our grass green. The kids suggested we pull out the umbrellas, which of course I said yes too. Oh, the joy! They had a great time but when their lips were turning blue, I decided to call it quits. Of course, the tears fell hard and LOUD from my eldest boy. I quickly suggested a bubble bath in mommy and daddy's tub. Oh, the joy! We had a great time with the toys in the warm bubble bath while it stormed outside.

Now, it's almost 5:00! The afternoon flew. I still need to feed Evan and the kids, which will quickly lead to 6:00 and thereafter. Daddy should be home just before AFV, which is when the kids will wind down from the busy afternoon and then prepare for our bedtime routine.

So, when I sometimes wonder how I'll get through an afternoon, the Lord usually gives me a way to make it fun for me and the kids. Today was no exception, though this was a first we played in the rain. Sometimes, no...oftentimes, I have to trudge through the 3-6 o'clock hours; God uses the trudgin' times too. Today, I'm thankful for the rain and bubble baths, both of which have put smiles on my kids faces which will (hopefully) remain for the remainder of the evening...


Kristin said...

Where are the pics of the blue lipped children??

Isn't God good? There is nothing better than a rainy afternoon :-) I can remember the exact type of afternoon that you are describing...the kind that felt like forever. I remember taking a big bucket of water, funnels, a measuring cups and letting Alex have at it. Much needed afternoon distractions.

Love you, girl :-)

Am+a said...

That sounds like great fun. I can picture the blue-lipped little man heartbroken that the fun time is over... Bubble bath was a GREAT idea, and the bedtime-routine will be more "efficient" without the need to bathe them then. I'm so glad you found a place for fun (AND learning!) with your rainy day.

I hope I can catch you with Skype on Friday morning, since I will actually be HOME for a few hours (watching baby Ryan while his mommy is at the eye doctor). Did you get either of my boxes yet?

Love you!!!!!