Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Let the gaming begin!

Well, we've took the "plunge" and made an offer on the "pool house" this evening. After a lot of thought, research, discussion, stress, and (most importantly) prayer, we decided to move forward on this house. We're in a good place in this game of house buying; if we don't come to terms on a price, then we're willing to walk away knowing that God has something else for is. But, if we do come to terms, we will be very happy and humbly pray that the house will be used for God's glory. I'll keep you posted and ask that you keep us in prayer!


Kelly said...

Ooooh, exciting!!!!

Nicole said...

YAY!! How exciting! Keep us updated! I'd LOVE to have a pool right in my back yard, but I also understand the concerns you've contemplated. :-)

Beth said...

Hey Melanie,
I didn't have much time last week to look at blogs so I'm just catching up. How exciting about the house offer. Can't wait to hear!