Thursday, January 4, 2007

No word yet...

Cayman is still missing and we're very sad. My parents have done a lot to find her and SOOO many people know that she's missing. There's even an ad on the radio! I'm glad that people know and are keeping their eye out. My folks have received a lot of calls from people saying that they saw a beagle wandering around the area, but isn't it ironic that it's not Cayman? My mom and dad both saw this beagle and it looks a lot like her, but it's not her. I think it's odd that there is another beagle out there wandering around.

We're still trying to sift through our emotions and don't know exactly what to do. Should we go back and look for her? Should we just wait and see if she's found? Should we just start to move on? It's been a tough roller coster emotional ride for us, but we do trust that God works everything for our good and His ultimate glory. We are both trying to be thankful in this time. Thanks to all of you for your comments. I appreciate it!

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