Tuesday, March 27, 2007

59 cent tacos!

Last night, we went to dinner at a local Mexican restaurant which promotes 59 cent tacos on Monday nights. We found out about this deal from some friends of ours and enjoyed a cheap dinner with them. The chips and salsa were SOOO good, the queso was excellent, and the tacos were great!!! And since my cravings have been for the salty and crunchy foods, I was very satisfied at the end, though the indigestion was brutal afterwards!!! We were very impressed with fare and are DEFINITELY planning on making this a regular event, since it was cheap and good!

Mallory enjoyed her first taste of refried beans. I let her play with the spoon I served her with and she made an absolute mess, but loved every minute.


Kelly said...

Looks like Mallory is really enjoying herself!! :-)

Beth said...

Makes me hungry for some chips and salsa!

CourtneyBI said...

Mmmm, Mexican. That is the absolute last thing I want right now...well, really for the whole pregnancy!!! Any other cravings/desires/hates so far? :)