Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Near-meltdown at the Wal-Mart

Yesterday was a day to run errands. I had a bunch of things to do in a limited time frame after Mallory's nap and before her lunch. Since she's become a finicky eater, I like to have her eat at home so there is MINIMAL distraction. So, I had about 45 minutes to do my grocery shopping and since I was by the Super Wal-Mart, I decided to go there.

Mallory and I strolled around picking up items from our grocery list, which was quite large since I had run out of all the non-food essentials...diapers, trash bags, papertowls, etc...and I was low on other essentials, like milk, eggs, and olive oil. So, we had a lot of big items in our cart and it was full of a few things that weren't on my list that I had forgotten to put on my list.

So, Mallory and I finally made it to the check-out counter, stood in a LONG line behind a few others, and we patiently waited for our turn. I lugged all the big items on the check out counter, lugged them back onto the cart, and followed with all the other $100 worth of items in the cart. I looked in my purse to pay the bill when I was shocked to discover that I had forgotten my wallet. I quickly realized that it was in Mallory's diaper bag...the bag that I left at home because it needed washing. I was relieved when I saw my checkbook and wrote a check, grateful to know that I'd be going home with my groceries, saving myself the embarassment.

When the clerk ran my check through the check machine, the man asked for my driver's license number. Um, I don't have my driver's license number. I forgot to bring my wallet. I sucked in my breath, remembering that they asked for those kinds of things. By the way, I NEVER pay with checks, so I forgot about all the info they want on them. Anyway, while I was standing in the check out line trying to hold it together, I remembered a post that my friend Kelly wrote about the same type of experience at Aldi's. The manager at Aldi's willingly took a check without a driver's license number and I figured that the same would happen here. I mean, it's Wal-Mart!!!

Well, the clerk said that he definitely needed my driver's license number. I calmly asked if I could call him when I got home with the DL number because I forgot my wallet. No, they don't do that. Well, could you call the manager? There was no need because the computer wouldn't allow a DL number override. Well, is there anything you can do? Um, I'm doing all I can for you ma'am (as he stands there, arms crossed, looking at me like I have two heads, as if that was all he could do). That's when the tears started.

I asked him what I was supposed to do with my groceries? The ones I chose so carefully? The ones that were now mine since they were in my buggy? Well, I could go home, get my wallet, come back and get the groceries. No, I couldn't do that because I had to feed Mallory, allow her SOME kind of play time since she had been in the car all day, and give her a nap. Plus, it would be another hour to drive home, get the wallet, drive back, get Mallory in and out of the car... but WAIT!!! My husband's name is on the check! Could I call him and get his DL number? No, ma'am. He has to be present to give the DL number. More tears.

Well, I guess I'll just have to leave my groceries. When I said it, another clerk came and took my buggy to customer service. There they went. And I watched them go with my mouth agape, trying to believe this was really happening. I followed my groceries to the customer service desk and pleaded my case with them. No avail, but of course they did all they could. I'd have to leave without my groceries. I was crying pretty hard at this point. Mallory was my tissue and didn't know why I was hugging her so tight and burying my face in her neck so no one would see my smeared mascara. At this point, I didn't WANT to come back for the groceries. I was so mad, upset, embarrassed, and everything in between.

All day, I had thought things like "I'm going to have some grape juice" and I'd look in the fridge for it, remembering that it was probably still in the buggy by the customer service counter. And since I was down to our last trash can liner, I knew I couldn't put off grocery shopping until the next day. So, after a nap (which I REALLY needed at that point), Mallory and I went to Food City and did our shopping. Though it was a little more expensive, it was faster and I didn't forget my wallet this time. And my grape juice is now chilling in the fridge.

What a day.


Kelly said...

Oh Melanie I'm so sorry!!!! What a bad time!

Shawnda said...

OH!!! I'm SO sorry!!! That happened to me at Wal-Mart this past summer when I was HUGELY preg, felt like it was HARD enough to go grocery shopping much less all the other things that go along with it!!! I was SO upset too!!! I called Jason CRYING my eyes out!!! I'm so, so, so sorry!!! I'm thankful you got what you needed, and it's all behind you, sister!!!

Josh and Dana said...

Ugh. Just reading that gets me fired up. We shop at Super Wal-Mart too and they just aren't the most compassionate and accomodating people in the world. Although one of the cart guys was nice enough to call me and let me know that he found my debit card in the parking lot. Yikes! I'm sorry you had such a hard time. I would have given you a big hug, a tissue for your mascara and my check book. I hope you're feeling better.

Kristin said...

There are few things in this world that I HATE...and Wal-Mart is one of them :-( I would have cried too.

CourtneyBI said...

Don't you just love the emotional part of pregnancy? It's hard to explain emotions that come from who knows where and they're completely uncontrollable. Sorry!! I do hope you're feeling better now...

Nicole said...

I'm SO sorry your day was so horrible!! I SO DO NOT enjoy WalMart!