Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Reasons why I haven't been posting lately...

1. I have 2 kids (OK, you moms with 2+ who blog more faithfully...I'm getting used to this!)

2. We've been decorating for Christmas
3. We've had company for the past 6 days (Mosses on Fri - Sun, my mom from Mon - today)
4. With only approx. 15 minutes on the Internet a day, and having LOTS of Christmas shopping to do, blogging was put on hold
5. Sleep is more important that blogging. Really.

There are more, but I'm currently eating dinner while blogging and I don't want it to get too cold, which I guess means eating and blogging are equal?

Here's a picture taken tonight. Here are my kids watching Baby Einstein in their PJs. Melts my heart!


Nicole said...

You have a new baby! That's the only excuse you need for not blogging!!!!!! :-)

Shannon said...

Awww....what a sweet picture!

Kelly said...

What Nicole said :-)

Sleep is definitely more important than blogging.