Friday, December 28, 2007

Merry Christmas...

Sorry it took me a while to follow up on my last post. We've been very busy, if you can only imagine, and blog posting is definitely on the back burner. In addition to our Christmas celebrations, we've been battling a little 20-month old who has decided she doesn't like to sleep anymore. She cries when she goes to bed, she the middle of the night, and fights her nap-time too. It's now become a norm and we're trying to figure out what's wrong; we don't know if she's scared or just wants attention or what. So, experienced moms out there, any suggestions???

But, we had a great Christmas with both Patrick's folks and my folks. We ate well, too (prime rib, potatoes, pineapple-cherry upside down cake, homemade yeast rolls, spiced wine, etc, etc) and I absolutely loved being in my kitchen.

We head out today to celebrate Christmas in Elberton with my sister, bro-in-law and parents. We're looking forward to some relaxing and hopefully some much-needed rest! I'll have to post some more pictures soon...


Nicole said...

Emma went through that, too. Actually she still has nights/days like that, but they aren't as consistent as they were. I wish I had some good advice! We just perservered through it. There were nights where she had to be disciplined to go back to sleep. There were days when she just dind't nap...we just put her to bed earlier that night. I finally just started telling her I wasn't coming back into her room in the middle of the night and that if she woke up she just need to go back to sleep. There were a few nights where she cried for 15 or 20minutes, but eventually went back to sleep. After a few nights of me not going in there when she cried, she went back to not crying in the middle of the night. I know you must be exhausted getting up with her and the baby! Hang in there! I'm sure I will be feeling the same way soon! Emma has been waking up really early lately. I hope she settles back into her normal routine before the baby comes!!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Mallory is having nightmares about more babies being born into your family and robbing her of more attention :) I hope she settles down soon and you can both get the rest you need. Enjoy your time with your family. That may just be the diversion Mallory needs to break this pattern. Alyssa just walked in and says, "HI".
Happy New Year from Patti & Paul

Alister and Teresa Hill said...

No advice from us - just prayers that she'll be sleeping normally again soon. I'm sure having a new baby brother has a lot to do with it, just getting used to having another little person in the house that's getting attention.
Hope you're all having a wonderful time together in Elberton. We certainly have fond memories of our time with you last year - except of course until Teresa let the dog out!
Happy New Year and all of God's richest blessings to you and your family as you seek to follow Him!

Melanie said...

A&T - I got your message on phone was off and actually didn't get it until the next day. Sorry I haven't called back. If I remember correctly, you're overseas??? Anyway, we'll catch up soon. Elberton was fun - Cayman stayed in a kennel!! We'd rather her be in a cage than roaming the GA land. Love to you both!

Nicole - thanks for the advice. We were wondering if we should discipline. She's now screamed for 6 nights in a row. Crazy. When we get home, we'll really have to buckle down on it.

Patti - I think it may have to do with a new addition as well. Ethan has mommy/daddy with him a lot, why can't she too? She's content if we just lay in the room with her w/out picking her up. But, that gets REALLY old. Anyway, I'll post more about it soon.