Friday, January 16, 2009

Phrases I am SO TIRED of saying!

1. Please take that out of your mouth.
2. Please don't throw your food.
3. Keep your hands on your plate and not on the chair.
4. Do you need your diaper changed?
5. Please do not turn on the TV.
6. Please do not turn off the TV.
7. Clean your room before you ______ .
8. Do not hit your brother.
9. There's no need to cry.
10. No, I do not know where police car is.

...and most of all...

11. Please stop whining.
12. Mommy does not respond to whining.
13. When you want something, what do you say, without whining please.
14. Please stop whining.


mommytodd said...

Oh the dreaded whine!!!! We all combat it.

Joy said...

He he. I have my own list. It changes over the years.

Right now, it looks something like this:
1. Slow down [while eating].
2. Use your fork.
3. No, you can't have a snack. You just ate breakfast.

Courtney said...

Ah, the whining. Drives me crraaaaazzzzy!!!! And, our snow day sounds like Mal's. I thought MD would love the snow. But one mis-step and a tumble in was all he could take. Huge tears after that. Oh well, maybe next time! Take care.

nicole said...

I'm so glad it's not just me!!!!!!!!