Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Return of the sick

Well, my kids are sick again. Ethan has a sinus infection and walking pneumonia (again!) and Mallory has been struggling with a low-grade fever that turned into coughing last night. I might have to take her back to the doctor to see what's up, since she didn't cough once until last night...most of the night. Ethan is on an antibiotic and Mallory isn't on anything...yet.

The doctor I saw yesterday suggested taking Ethan to go see an allergist because he's susceptible to allergies due to his fair complextion (thanks to me!). That might be why he's getting sick so frequently. We'll probably schedule an appointment after he gets over this bout of sinus woes.

It's really tough for me to see my kids get these major illnesses so often. It makes me question if I'm doing right by my children, you know. I'm supposed to help protect them from germs and viruses, but for some reason, it's not working. And I even stay home with them...no daycare to expose them to. So, everyday places are dangerous for my kiddos, but I can't just NOT go to the grocery store or to other activities and hermitize them. It's been very challenging this year to keep up with the germs. They've been winning.


Kelly said...

Ugh, I'm so sorry...I remember that year the kids kept getting sick here and it was so frustrating, and I felt so helpless.
Keep your chin up...you're doing a great job, and what is best for the kids is the comfort of a happy Mommy.

Courtney said...

I'm sorry about your kiddos' sicknesses. At least I do have daycare to blame for our sicknesses. I just keep thinking that the more he gets now, the less he'll get when he starts school. I hope.

Based on everything I "read" from you, you're doing everything right! You're a good mom and your kids are lucky. Hey, at least you're willing to take your kids out. I've swore off shopping trips with MD until these tantrum things get under control. Which, does that ever really happen?!

Good luck to ya...