Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gettin' Ready

We've been plumb busy.

Side note: I like using the word plumb. It's very southern. I'm living in the south therefore I can use plumb. If a northerner uses plumb, it's just weird.

Lately, we've been busy going out of town and getting ready to go out of town. Both activities pretty much require the same amount of time when you have a family of 5, of which 3 members need me dependently, and a dog that is very high maintenance. And when the dog's normal boarding facilities are full, it requires a little more leg work on my end. By the way, if my legs COULD get a work out from all the "leg work" I do, I could be a weight lifter in the Olympics.

This week, we're prepping for Ethan's surgery on Thursday. Today I've got to go to the grocery store to shop for food for the next week or so but before I go to the grocery, I have to make my lists. But, before I make my list I've gotta figure out what we're gonna eat for the next few weeks. Then it's perusing the coupons for the money savers. I like going to the grocery, but it takes me a long time to prepare. It's worth it to save at least 35% off my grocery bill, though...

I've got pictures and pictures that I haven't even loaded on the computer: pictures from blackberry picking, 4th of July, our trip to Gommy and Poppy's, my first "food photography" endeavor, canning...one of these day's I'll get around to it (that's my life's mantra, ya know?).

I just wanted to check in. I'm here. And I'm alive.

Just plumb busy.


Mel H. said...

It's got to be the time of year, because I feel the same! Although mine are less dependent on me than, say a baby :) I feel you're pain and will be praying for both of us!!

Courtney said...

I hear ya! Grocery shopping (w/coupons) is a chore. In fact, I've given up on it. I grocery shop maybe once a month. Most other days it's McD's or cereal. Oh well!

Good luck with everything. I'll be praying for little E's surgery...