Tuesday, July 6, 2010


We have a garden this year. Well, I guess you mighta sorta figured that out in my prior post, but I never really talked about it before. Here it is:
April16 065

OK, that was a while ago.

We had a great time building this little thing. It was a family affair.
April16 052

April16 056

April16 060

I did some of the digging and grass removal. Then I pooped out so I took pictures. Someone had to.

Patrick has been working very hard in the garden this year. We had quite a few yummy salads from the robust romaine we planted, which quickly were overtaken by the butternut squash. Our garden is small, comprised of tomato, green pepper, jalapeno peppers, and butternut squash, but it will give us a nice harvest which will allow me to produce a few jars of salsa, tomato sauce, and some delish butternut squash stirfrys. I talk sassy to my tomatoes in hopes they grow up to be nice and plump and juicy.
July1 075 ADJ
July1 062 ADJ

I give our peppers a lot of love, too. They need some spice in their lives. And they'll, in turn, give me some spice in my life.
July1 082 ADJ

We also are greatly anticipating our first crop of blueberries that I gave Patrick last year as a father's day gift. Hello, you beautiful berries, you. I'm dreaming about making some blueberry pancakes outta you...hmmmm...
July1 074 ADJ
I love you.

We bought some blackberry bushes at last year's Evergreen midnight madness sale and they are ripening very nicely. I go out and sweet talk my berries as I know they will sweet talk me with a glop of whip cream on the side. I dream of how I am to use them in scrumptious crumbles and cakey cobblers. And next year? Oh, I have high hopes for next year!

July1 071 ADJ

It's amazing seeing where our garden started to seeing the fruit of our labor. Well, of Patrick's labor. Patrick has put a lot of sweat in this garden. Since it's hotter than a fat woman runnin' in corduroys, he's been watering it a bunch. And the kids have been helping.
June 20 020 ADJ
So, come on, boys and girls. Let's get growin' so I can make somethin' soon!


Kelly said...

Your garden looks great, but I'm still laughing over it being hotter than a fat woman running in corduroys. I'm totally using that one.

Aimee said...

It looks great mel!...Our tomatoes seem to be taking forever to turn yellow and red. Any secrets?

Melanie said...

Aimee - Patrick sure has been watering a lot in this heat! We've only picked 4 off our bushes so far, yet we have about 50 tomatoes on them. There are about 3 more ready to pick and just a few more after that which are yellowing. Secrets? I would say lotsa water and patience. And a little sassy talk. :-)