Thursday, July 8, 2010


I had to tell my #1 son to get his head out of the toilet today. I had to discipline my girl and my #1 son because they pulled the curtain rod off the wall while they were playing too rough with my curtains...and they hardly ever touch them! Why now?

The kids sure has been pushing limits with me and I'm plumb exhausted. Ethan is testing the waters of how serious I am about discipline and he's learning the hard way. Mallory is obeying for the most part, though I'm concerned about her intentions, whether it is obedience to one-up Ethan or obedience because she wants to please me and glorify God. She's showing me signs of really getting the connection to sin, acting on sin, and the consequence of sin, but I think she also likes to make sure I know (and Ethan knows) that she's doing things right. Maybe it's my sin that makes me think she has some underlying intention? Or maybe it's because I'm a woman. It's a mix of both, I'm sure.

This parenting business is hard work, lemme tell ya.

So is being a girl.

But this sure is pretty, huh?
July1 084 ADj

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