Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thoughts on the Beach, Part 4

Patrick and I celebrated our 7th anniversary over the course of our vacation at the beach. Since my parents were there on our actual anniversary, we took advantage of them and spent an evening out shopping, eating, driving, walking and other pleasurable things that are even more pleasurable when it can be done with my love and without the scruples of children that our love produced.

Dad snapped this picture of us as we were about to head out and I said "oh, let me get my SLR so we can get some fill flash". So, I put my camera together, pressed the shutter, and all I saw was an error.

Oh, fudge.

I removed the lens, wiped out whatever dust may be there, changed the battery, changed the CF card, and did all the tricks I could think of. Nothing worked.


I was hoping to use some of the time that we were out to snap a few pictures of the sand and sea, but my camera was down for the count. I was very perplexed but tried not to let it disturb me too much.

I think I was some what successful...

Patrick scoped out a really nice restaurant called Sara J's which was right down the way from where we were staying. He took me for our anniversary meal, which was right on the marsh of Murrells Inlet.

We had a fantastic view of the Oceanfront living, which was the backdrop of a crabber casting his net over and over to draw up his prey. The sun was setting and it would have been a great place for some photos. My P&S did an OK job...

We took a walk on the Garden City pier and I was drooling over the warm light of the late afternoon. But, instead of focusing on what I could have been taking pictures of, I was focusing on my husband. We talked about the beach, what it would cost to live there, if maybe we could one day live there (this is mainly my desire, I have to disclose), and how we (er...I...) just needed to be thankful to be there.

Every year that goes by makes me thankful for God's grace and restorative measures He abundantly blessed us with in the last few years. I was actually pleased that I didn't have my camera there to distract me that evening. Who knows what I would have missed if I had it.

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Am+a said...

I like that last shot... you are multi-tasking, but Patrick is not. ;-)