Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Back home again!

Well, Mallory and I have been home since Friday and I JUST haven't had the chance to dedicate time to my blog. I've enjoyed looking at everyone else's updates (which reminds me...I WOULD like to make a blogroll one of these days...). Our travels to FL were just as we had expected...full of visits and HOT. Our itinerary stayed on track almost perfectly, but we did have a few hiccups on our trip (power outage our first night in Jacksonville for 5 hours, flat tire in Ocala, visits during Mallory's nap time which lead to a 20-minute nap day). Mallory was a great little traveller, which was SO wonderful, despite that I didn't get around to purchasing a DVD player like I had planned. For the 14+ hours that she was in the car (total for the week, mind you), she was an angel. We even hit a few developmental milestones while over the last week or so:

1. She is clapping!!!
2. She can stack blocks!!!
3. She can wave!!!

At 15 months, I figured it was about time for those things! She just decided to procrastinate a bit.

Anyway, I'll have to post pictures soon; I really haven't had a chance to go through them all. Since we've been back, we had to catch up on lots of daddy time. I've also been running errands like a mad-woman and today, I've been cooking and baking for a girl up here that just had her second baby. Tonight is my night to bring her dinner. But, now that Mallory is napping, I desperately need some down-time as well, since yesterday was taken up with bill-paying, cleaning, laundry, etc. It is good to be home. I missed my bed and my body-pillow. I missed sleeping next to my hubby. I missed the comforts of my kitchen and familiar foods. I missed my recliner. And I missed SOME things about my dog.

There's just no place like home.


Joy said...

welcome home! I'm glad you had a nice trip.

Kelly said...

"And I missed SOME things about my dog." LOL!