Friday, July 20, 2007

Road Trip!

Mallory and I will be heading to Florida tomorrow for 5 days! My parents told me last Saturday that they were planning on making a trip to FL to see my grandparents and some other friends and family. After talking with Patrick about it, I asked my parents if they minded if Mallory and I went along. They were excited to say yes, so I had a few days to tie up loose ends at home and ready ourselves for being gone the entire week.

We're currently at my parent's house in Elberton; we arrived this afternoon around 2pm. We're leaving tomorrow morning to spend a few days in Jacksonville, which is our first stop. We'll stay at my Uncle Bob's house on Saturday and Sunday night. On Saturday night, I'll be able to see one of my oldest and dearest friends, Kristin - just me and her for a little girl time. It will be great. Sunday, we'll go to church with Kristin's parents, who are some of my folk's best friends. We'll leave Monday morning to go to Ocala to see my grandparents (my mom's parents) and visit with my cousins, aunts, and uncles. We'll be there until Wed. morning, after which we'll probably go and visit my brother-in-law's parents (who live close to my grandparents), pick up my bro-in-law (who is down visiting his parents) and head to my sister's place in Albany, GA. On the way, we'll make 2 additional stops to visit more friends and family (one stop in Gainesville and one stop in Lake City). We'll be in Albany until Thursday, which is when we'll head back to my parent's house. Mallory and I will probably leave on Friday sometime to head back home.

This is the plan and hopefully we'll stick to it! Mallory is a great little traveler and I'm sure it's going to be lots of fun to show her off to old friends and family. I'm glad I'm able to go on this trip, thanks to the sacrifice of my loving husband who I KNOW will miss us while we're gone. Thanks, Sweetheart!

So, until next weekend...

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