Friday, July 6, 2007

This weekend

Well, this weekend we're heading to Charlotte for a visit! I'm also photographing my first wedding on Saturday. I'm really looking forward to the opportunity and I've been looking forward to this for almost a year now. It should be hard work but a lot of fun. In preparation for the long day, I was pampered last night with a professional massage. Man, I needed it! Patrick had given me a gift certificate for my birthday and I finally used it. It was nice to relax a little in between a busy week and weekend.

Thanks sweetie!


Beth said...

Well, I'm just catching up on blog reading or I would have known you were going to be in Charlotte this weekend. It was so great to see you all at church yesterday and fun to be with Mallory in the nursery!

Kelly said...

Hey! It was good to see you!!! Sorry we didn't get to chat more. Mallory was a DOLL in her little yellow and green outfit with matching shoes :-)