Thursday, July 12, 2007

Comings, Goings...and Things to be Thankful For

Well, I think I can say I just successfully completed my first wedding photo shoot this past Saturday. Though it was a hot one outside, God gave me the strength to stay physically and mentally apt for the job. Thanks to the assistance of my friend Jason (see his pics sites here and here), we were able to capture beautiful moments of the bride, groom, their families and friends.

While we were in Charlotte for the wedding, we had a great visit with Patrick's folks. Though I was in and out of the house because of the photo shoot, Patrick and Mallory spent a lot of time with Gram and Pops on Saturday. They went to Concord Mills for a few hours and while they were there, Patrick ran into one of his best friends and his family in Bass Pro Shops. What a bonus for him! Also, my great friend, Courtney, gave birth to her son on Saturday and we were able to drive up to Concord that night and visit with her, Donnie and the littlest addition, Michael Dean (9lbs 3 oz!!!!). It was the first time Patrick had held a newborn boy, which was a very special precursor to many hours of holding our little boy come November!!! We're SOOO glad for Courtney and Donnie and it was wonderful to see them.

It was great to be at our home church this past Sunday. Coty delivered a great message and we were able to hug so many necks and see so many of our friend's little ones who really aren't so little anymore!!! We miss our church so much and continue to pray for God's guidance as we search for a church home here.
Though our trip was quick, it was full of good times for all of us and a great opportunity for me to have a wedding under my belt (thanks, Julie, for the referral!!!). Now that we're home and I don't have the wedding to stress about and we don't really have any other immediate plans for the summer, it will be nice to have life return to some normalcy. Patrick is staying busy with work; the program he's a director for is launching next week. There are people from all over the company who are coming in for the training, which seems to be causing a little "hub-ub" over at the office. Patrick is doing great at keeping his cool and I honestly think he's going to greatly exceed his expectations, which are, for some reason, low. He's received great feedback from his superiors and I think this program will do well here in JC.
Since I've been home, there have been so many little projects I'd like to start, but I'm trying my hardest to have them not interfere with the time I spend with Mallory. We've had so much fun over the past few days!!! It will be easier for me to list all my projects/activities...
  1. Mallory is climbing up a storm! I love watching her use her toys to get up on our furniture, though it does cause me to catch my breath every now and then. She's also getting curious about the stairs...
  2. Mallory and I went to the park on Tuesday after we went to the OB to listen to her baby brother's heartbeat. She loves the park! She'll run all over the sidewalks and up and down the ramps, but she's hesitant about running in the grass. I try to tell her that the grass is easier on the knees when she falls, but after making a "strawberry" on each knee, she doesn't seem to care.
  3. I bought Mallory her first puzzle yesterday. She loves throwing out the pieces or chewing them. We've got some work to do where puzzling is concerned.
  4. We had a big brunch here at our house today for a mommy in our playgroup who is scheduled to have her son on Monday. We had 8 moms and 8 kiddos at the house today! Mallory was a bit overwhelmed at all the kids playing with her toys, but as long as she had her lovey, Doggie, she was fine! Though there were crumbs everywhere when the passel left, I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat. OH - while one of Mallory's little friends was playing in her room, she riffled through a box sitting on Mallory's changing table and discovered our baby monitor that I had been looking for for months now!!! It's amazing what kids will find! On a side note (which should be the fore-note), I'm so thankful to God for providing a house that will comfortably accommodate such a crowd. We're truly blessed!
  5. I bought some yarn to start crocheting edges around receiving blankets for our son. I started my first one yesterday. I love thinking about him while I'm making them, anticipating the moments he'll be snuggled up in one!!! I'm also planning on making a little blanket for him, like I did for Mallory when she was born. There's something about needlework that is a balm for my mind and my hands, which both like to stay busy. Now, if I can just think of a name for our boy...
  6. I'm planning on painting the kid's bathroom this weekend. Let's see if my energy holds for that. But, when it's done, it will be SO CUTE!!!
What's going on in your lives?


Julie Anne Todd said...

Your welcome! You were wonderful saturday. Can't wait to see the pictures.

CourtneyBI said...

hi! i'm just now getting back to your blog...thanks for the mention. it was great to see you guy...i'm glad it worked out. take care!