Monday, August 13, 2007

Busy Weekend...

Well, last week was busy and last weekend was probably busier! Patrick, Mallory and I went to Asheville on Friday to celebrate our friend Erin's birthday. They had a big BBQ at Taylor Ranch just outside of Asheville. I wish I would have brought my "big" camera and snapped a few pictures, but I honestly didn't want one more thing to lug around in the heat! I got a nice picture of Mallory and her daddy, though, that will do!

The next morning, Mallory played with her friends Sophie (15 months) and Parker (7 months), both are children from old friends back at Hickory Grove. It was fun to rekindle friendships, celebrate a birthday, and watch our kids interact. We unsuccessfully tried to get a group picture for a few minutes but couldn't get the kids to cooperate (surprise???). Erin suggested popping in a video, which worked wonders. At least they're all looking in the same direction!

Saturday night, we had dinner with some new friends, the Jordans. We met them through the pastor of a church we had visited last fall. The Jordans have 4 young boys; Mallory is between the two youngest. It was a fun evening and SOOO refreshing to meet another reformed family! I'm actually heading over to their house on Thursday so the kids to play together and allow me to get to know Shannon more!

On Sunday, we visited the church that the Jordan's go to (the same church of the pastor who introduced us to them) and I think we'll be attending there for a few weeks. Pastor Weems is starting a bible study on Wednesday nights using JI Packer's "Knowing God", which is one of Patrick's favorite books and is looking forward to the study. Anyway, we had another couple over to our house for lunch on Sunday after church (Patrick's co-worker and his wife who just moved here from Indiana). And after a baby shower I attended later in the afternoon, I was finally able to rest up! Whew!

God has truly blessed us this week/weekend. We've met some new people, which God knows we need the fellowship, and we were able to hang out with old friends. Lots of fun memories were made!


Beth said...

We'll keep praying for a church home for you all there. We sure do miss you!

Kelly said...

Sounds like a great weekend!

I love Knowing God. The introduction is one of my favorite pieces about delving into true theology -- the study of God!

CourtneyBI said...

hi there! i wish we could have made it to erin's party. i hate i missed you guys. i'm just cherishing any sleep and time with md i can right now as i'm back to work (pt) in a few weeks. hope all is well!