Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Lakeside Concert Series

Yes, I'm up early blogging today. I guess it's a mix of things of why I can't sleep. First, after my 5am potty break, Ethan decided he wanted to practice her aerobatics for over 45 minutes. Then, Patrick's alarm went off. Then, I was thinking of everything I needed to do before Mallory and I left for my parents house this morning. Oh yes, we made a last-minute decision on Monday to go see my folks for a few days, since I'm not sure of when we'll be able to travel again before the baby comes. So, Mallory and I leave this morning for a brief jaunt down to Elberton.

And for the main jist of this post....on Tuesday nights from 6-9, a local park hosts free concerts. I think it lasts through the end of the summer, though I haven't heard of an end date yet. Mallory and I went last week, braving the 93 degree evening and enjoyed listening to bluegrass for about 30 minutes. Last night, we went as a family, which was much easier in 85 degrees and with Patrick to help chase around our ever-running daugther.

The community concert band was on the ticket for tonight and they did great! We sat pretty far back so Mallory could have some room to run (though should wanted to run BEHIND us, of course, which was far more interesting). As you can barely see from this picture, the band is down on a pavilion right near Boone Lake, which is a big, finger-y lake that spreads across this part of TN. There are also several beautiful houses that grace the lake's shore. The concert was very well attended, though there weren't masses of people like one would see at a free concert in Charlotte. Anyway, Boone Lake is a beautiful setting and less than 10 minutes from our house. It was a fun evening. And it wore Mallory out.


Joy said...

Mallory looks so grown up in this picture! I'm glad you all are finding so many interesting things to do. Mallory will be a well-rounded little girl.

Have a great trip!

Kelly said...

Have fun at your mom and dad's, Melanie!

Nicole said...

OK...did I miss something? You decided on a name??

Melanie said...

Nicole - yes, we decided on a name, but it was just mentioned in my prior post inconspicuously. His name will be Ethan Price.

Nicole said...

YAY! I LOVE it!!