Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Well, I can't get Patrick to make a decision on our boy's name. I was hoping to have him named by the end of July. Though we don't have a name, we have some frontrunners. I like them all, though I have my preferences and Patrick has his. I decided to give you the first names and middle names and see which combination you like best. Maybe you can finally help Patrick make up his mind!!!

First names - in no particular order (2 out of the 3 are my favorites, 2 out of the 3 are Patrick's, though I'm not telling which is which!!!)

Middle names - both are family names
Price (Patrick's Dad's middle name)


Alister and Teresa Hill said...

Teresa likes "Ethan Patrick"
(It's a name you could very easily put "Senator" in front of some day!)

Alister likes "Jeremiah Price"
(sounds very Civil War-era, which I'm sure David would appreciate!)

Nathan is nice, but Joy and Bobby snagged that name. :-)

This probably hasn't been at all helpful to you - but we've enjoyed it! :-)


Kristin said...

I think you should birth him, then see who he looks like. You have a little bit of time before they submit the birth certificate. I really enjoyed out visit the other night. I miss having you near. Much love, Kristin

Scotty and Lisa said...

I like Ethan Price- I'm a big fan of "E" names. But I think Kristin has a point too, about waiting to see the baby and then giving him a name. I'm looking forward to the naming stage- once we find out what ours is!

Jen Unsell said...

I like Ethan Price. Why are you wanting a name picked out by July? Don't you have a few months still until his birth? When are you due Melanie? I'm wondering if you are farther along than I was thinking?

Melanie said...

Jen - I'm anxious to get our son named because I would just like to. :-) We knew Mallory's name at this point in my pregnancy and I just LOVED calling her by name, thinking about her as "Mallory" while preparing for her arrival.

I'm not due until early Nov, so I've still got about 14 weeks to go.

Amanda Latona said...

Hey Mel; this blog got really interactive all of the sudden!! I like both of the name combinations Alister & Teresa gave. I also think Nathan would work well with either middle name. Even though there's a Nathan Keegan (and a Nathan Labagh), we can have a Nathan Moss in the family too.

If I HAD to lean to one, it would be Ethan Patrick. I didn't know you were still debating middle names; before this, I thought Price was THE middle name.

I will love baby Moss no matter what his name is! Remember, certain people in the family will probably call him Jerome no matter what!

Love you, girl.

Julie T. said...

Nathan Patrick is my vote

Teresa Hill said...

Yeah - I guess it doesn't matter if there are 3 Nathans!

Jerome Price? That would make both grandpas happy! Then you could call him Jerry! But that makes me think of Jerry Seinfeld.

"Little Jerry Seinfeld" - wasn't that Kramer's rooster's name in an episode? He got him involved in cockfighting?

OK - enough! Hope you're having a good day! :-)


Teresa Hill said...

P.S. Hi Amanda! When are you guys gonna start one of these things?


alister hill said...

Amanda [& David] - I think my wife means a blog, not a baby...



Jen Unsell said...

I definetly understand that Melanie! :-) We have had all of our children named prior to their conceptions. LOL! (But I'm not kidding)

Be sure and let us know what you guys decide on. All of the names are great but my favorite is still Ethan Price. We considered Ethan at one point ourselves. And Price sounds very sofisticated and manly. :-)

Maybe comparing the meaning of the names would help Patrick decide?

I know several have suggested waiting until the baby is born but I am just not one of those people that could have ever done that. It sounds like maybe you aren't one of those people either? :-)

Jen Unsell said...

PS-and just for the record we stuck with all of our pre-concieved names except one. :-) We changed our name for Camden towards the end of my 2nd trimester. We had picked out Ashton Bentley for a boy in case we ever had another one but Bryan came to me one day and said- he's not supposed to be Ashton- I think he is supposed to be named Camden. I knew immediately that Camden was it. :-)

That was the first time in 6 children that we changed though.

Lisa said...

Hi Melanie!
I love Nathan Patrick!
Just my opinion!!!


Jerry said...

Jeremiah Jerome is the one.

Jerry said...

We like Jeremiah Jerome but would also hug Jeremiah Price...hold and cuddle Ethan Patrick....Nathan Price...Jeremiah Patrick...kiss Ethan Price... anxious to meet "Little Jerome!"
Love, Mom

Melanie said...

Um...I didn't see "Jerome" in the options, dad. Nice try.

Patrick suggested "Patrick Price", but I don't want a "P.P. Moss". Ya know?

Anonymous said...

Tickets to Florida Game if you name him Paul!!!!!

Amanda Latona said...

Mel, if they're SEASON tickets, maybe you should just go with Paul and take them!!

(Jerome-iah Paul is probably what they want...)

Love you SOOO much. Amanda

Nicole said...

I like Ethan Price. :-)

CourtneyBI said...

OK, a bit late but I like Ethan Price. Good luck!