Monday, January 14, 2008

Cayman, Cayman, Cayman!!!

That's what I say in my head every time one of our neighbors come to my front door with Cayman on a leash. Today was one of those days. We thought our 6ft fence would keep our Beagle contained, but no, it does not. She has found the "ups" to get over it and play with our neighbor's dogs. And, she's also jumped our neighbor's fence to get into their OTHER neighbor's yard (with a 3-ft gap between their two fences) and play with their dogs. She's only run away once by jumping the back of our fence, but is mainly interested in socializing with her furry friends. She keeps life interesting.

She has some crazy antics and I figured it was high time she had a post on our blog. While I was unloading groceries on Friday, Cayman decided she was going to "explore" our Explorer since the only place she usually sees in our vehicle is from inside of her crate through the little peep holes. Once inside the car, she did not want to come out. I even shut the doors, went inside the house and waited for her to bark to get out. Nope. She just wanted to chill inside the car. So, I took some pictures thinking that this event would be blog-worthy.

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Aunt Amanda said...

Props to Cayman for being blogworthy. I know she is an.... active part of your life. :-)

So, what happened to the idea of feeding her a lot and making her a little fatter so she can't jump over the fence. Is it going to work?