Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Ethan is 2 months!!!

Gosh, I wish I had hours to write about my son. He's such a fun little guy, that is when he's not crying. He cries a lot. But, we're still trying to figure out his needs so we can meet them so we're all happier. He's not picking up on the Babywise pricipals as well as Mallory did, so I'm trying to figure out his own system that will work. He's starting to smile and melt my heart with "goos" that he now vocalizes. I love cuddling him. He's getting to be SO BIG...he's pushing 16 lbs and is out of 3-month clothes...he's in 3-6 month and some 6-12 months!!! He's in sz 3 diapers (since 6-wks old) and is a big ol' blub o' love.
I took his pics today and had a REAL hard time just choosing a few. Here are some of my favs!!!

"The Gun Show"


Shannon said...

He is too cute! It's not going to be long before he outweighs Jamison, lol...who is barely 20 pounds!

I'm loving him showing off his 'guns' though they are hard to see under the layer of chub, lol.

Courtney said...

Adorable. Good idea the over-halls with no shirt. I'm sorry to hear he cries a lot. I do hope that gets better for you guys! How is Mallory holding up with all the extra noise? :)

stacey said...

gotta love those chubby babies! i have one myself...karis weighed 16 lb at 3 months, so i think he's beating her record! hope you can settle in with him a little more. it's so hard to figure out their little needs at first. hang in there!