Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A few milestones...

Well, we've reached a few milestones in our household over the past few nights. First, Mallory went to bed two nights ago (and last night) without screaming!!! YEAH!!! It had become routine for her to start screaming as soon as we said "Amen" after her bedtime prayer. This had been going on since Christmas. She has been waking up about 5am with a very wet diaper, but as soon as she's changed, she'll go back to sleep. I might have to start putting diaper doubles back in her drawers...

Second, Ethan has slept the past 2 nights in his own room. This is HUGE for me. I was initially concerned about Mallory waking up when he wakes up, but with her radio and her humidifier going, his cries are drowned out. Ethan is still waking up about 3am and I'm hoping that his body will get used to that missed feeding. Confession: I am putting a few teaspoons of rice cereal in a bottle for him at 11pm. I figured it would make his belly a little fuller. He's not really used to sucking on a bottle, but I'm REALLY ready for him to start a 6-8hr stretch (now that he's 3 months today!!!) and will try just about anything.

I'm am a bit sad today because it's hitting me that my kids are growing up so quickly. It's an inevitable reality. Time is fleeting. And this phase of their lives (newborn and toddler) are the shortest. I love 'em.

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Beth said...

Oh yes, Melanie...it is soooo fleeting. I read a sentence today that shocked me. It said, "Even a long human life adds up to only about 650,000 hours." That seemed like a small number to me and how quickly they tick past. Thankfully, the Lord orders every minute of every hour.

I love the picture with you and the camera in it and I can just picture you sitting on the floor playing with your kids. They are so cute.

Glad you've had some respite with the crying at night and hope that Ethan is sleeping longer.
Lots of love,