Thursday, February 21, 2008

Minivan Momma!

Well, I have reached a new level of motherhood - I'm now driving a minivan. Yep, a minivan. A vehicle I NEVER thought I'd have, but as I get older and have more children, I see the beauty of these super-sized cars.

Patrick was in training in Knoxville on Tues/Wed and I suggested that he look over at the CarMax there for a van. We had our eye on Odysseys and there were a couple there that looked nice. We weren't in desperate need of a new vehicle, but with both of our cars over 125,000 miles, we knew it was inevitable. So, Patrick traded in the Maxima and came home with a minivan. He says that he's now half a man because he owns an "appliance" (as our former, former pastor Clint would say), but I see him as more a man now that he sacrificed our hard-earned funds for a more convenient means of transportation for his family. He's a good man.

Ok, so now we have room for more chillin's. No, no, I'm not in "the family way". But, we at least can drive an extra kid or two around now.

"Peace on Earth", right Dad?

Oh, and Mallory kicked and screamed the first time I tried to put her in it. Wonderful.


Kelly said...

Woo-hooo! Congratulations! You have reached a whole other level of motherhood.

And pretty soon Mallory will realize the beauty of being a little farther away from Ethan, where she's out of his reach.

Shannon said...

I say next up is triplets :) Might as well fill up those empty seats asap!

Mel H. said...

I wouldn't live without my minivan...welcome to the club! My husband felt the same way about ours at first but loves it now too...just let it grow on Patrick, he'll come around!

Joy said...

Yay! More room for stuff, not just people.