Friday, February 15, 2008

It Came!

Well, I finally got to upgrade my camera, thanks to all of my clients in '07. It came in the mail last week, but I'm just now getting around to playing with it!!! (It's been a busy week). Anyway, I have a gig tomorrow that I will debut it at, though I've already taken some pics of the kids with it. It's a great camera (Canon 30d) and has many new features from my old-school 10d.

Anyway, I'm VERY excited to have this camera and hope I will take many, many pictures with it. :-)


Anonymous said...

Nice! Very nice!! I wasn't sure how much photography you were still doing! Anytime you have a wedding you want a second shooter for let me know.

I just got a website set up -

It's still in the works but it's a start.

Say hi to Patrick and the fam!

Lisa said...

Enjoy your new camera! I just got the Nikon D80 SLR and I LOVE IT!

Melanie said...

Lisa - I emailed you at the email address you gave me in your comment, but I didn't get a response...let me know if you figured out your issues.

Lisa said...

You did? I never got it! That is odd. I wonder if it somehow ended up in spam and I never saw it. Try again, so I have your email address. I have Patrick's, but he never writes me back!!! :o)