Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Kids


Alister and Teresa Hill said...

AWW!!! You should try to get them to pose like that every year as they're growing up and do a collage-type thing!

You may have heard, but at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show last night, a BEAGLE named Uno was awarded Best in Show! Couldn't help thinking about you-know-who!

From the AP story:

"His tri-colored image certainly drew a nationwide following, and that will surely prompt a spike in beagle adoptions. Wilkerson (his handler) had one bit of advice for anyone planning to get one as a pet.

'Better have a fence,' he said."

Amen to that! :-)

Hope you're all feeling better and getting more sleep this week! Praying for you!

Nicole said...

Very cute!!!