Friday, March 14, 2008

4 months!

Ethan turned 4 months old last week (actually, the day we found out Mal had the flu!). He's a whopping 20.5 lbs now and has been wearing sz4 diapers (the same size as Mal) since he's been 3 months. He'll probably be in sz5 before she will! He OFICIALLY slept through the night last night...from 8pm until 6:45am without waking up at all! I haven't given him a midnight feeding in about a week or so, but he's been waking up after rolling over or getting stuck in a corner. It was great to get such a nice, complete rest after many, many months. Keep it up, E!

We love you, big guy. You are a delight with your many smiles and goos. You're our big heavy.


Shannon said...

Those eyes of his are just beautiful. It seems like forever since we've gotten together!

Have a good trip!

Melanie said...

Shannon - I was just telling Patrick on the way to Charlotte that it's been forever since I've seen you, too! (my in-laws have hi speed internet now, which is new!!! I'll have internet access during my trip, which I wasn't planning...)

Nicole said...

WOW! 4 months already??? He's precious!!!! Can't wait to meet him!!