Thursday, March 27, 2008

Trying not to go crazy...

Well, I'm writing this post as I listen to my son crying himself to sleep. It breaks my heart, but he's slept so little in the last few days, he needs the rest! And I've found that it's beyond my power to sooth him (unless I nurse him everytime he fusses...which is NOT happening!).

I'm about to go crazy with his current sleep schedule...or I should more acurately say LACK of sleep schedule. For about 4 of the last 6 nights, Ethan has been waking up about 4-5 times. A few times is because he has a wet diaper and others times is because he's rolled over. But lately, changing his diaper or rolling him back over hasn't helped. Neither has gas drops or rocking him a bit. When he starts sucking his fists like a madman, I give in to nursing him...and he's usually sucks me dry. But, I feed him like 9 ounces of milk before he goes to bed! And then wakes up 3-4 hours later hungry? I don't know...And he seems to also have the "45-minute intruder" at EVERY nap when he should be sleeping for about an hour and a half.

Anyway, I had (and still have...) a theory that he may have an aversion to nuts. I have been eating more mixed nuts than usually in the past few weeks and these crazy nights started about that time. I've also been eating more chocolate (thanks to the Easter candy sales...), which may cause his tummy to hurt, too. So, now I'm cutting out nuts and drastically limiting my chocolate intake, which isn't much at this point but still more than usual.

I feel like I'm about to reach an explosion point. I've been praying that God would keep my temper under control and He's helped me bite my tongue in several scenarios. I've also found myself been more rough with Ethan when he pulls my hair or when I can't decipher his cries. I'm so weak with my emotions from my physical tiredness, constant figuring out my children, and other needs I meet as a wife and mother. God never fails and that truth is my promise I hold to closely during these times.

Anyway, I've said it before...but mothering two small children is the hardest thing I've ever done. I don't know how you moms of more do it! God is gracious, that's for sure!

Well, Ethan is quiet, Mallory is sleeping, and it's now time for me to rest. *finally*


Lisa said...

Is it possible he may have an ear infection? When Alison was his age that is how she would behave when her ears hurt. She never pulled on them and it was very intermittant. Maybe give the pedi a call and she what she/he has to say??? I hope things get better soon.

Shawnda said...

Oh so glad that he fell asleep, and you will get to rest! I remember those days with Keziah, particularly. I would go sit on the front porch with the monitor, turn the monitor all the way down (to where I could only see the lights!), and try to read or something. I thought I was going to go NUTS-O! It was SO HARD to let her work through that!!!! Granted, your situation is definitely different, but the crying for a momma is the same!!!! HARD!!!!

Karis did have an ear infection at one point when she was small! She didn't run a fever, and it only bothered her at night.....I didn't even THINK about it until Kelly mentioned it as a possibility. I took her in....and suddenly, she had a fever, and the Dr looked at me like I was CRAZY. Of course this child has an ear infection! grrrr....whatever ; ) I was thankful that urgent care was open on Sat! :)

You are in a hard season right now with a toddler and a young nursing babe! It's gets easier, I promise!!!!! Well, easier is relative : )- but the season you are facing is unusually difficult with sleep depravity, hormones, nursing, ect! Hope that's an encouragement! : )

Kelly said...

I think the reason why it seems to get "easier" for us moms of that we get used to not being able to fix everything. I remember the transition from two to three, when Andrew was newborn, and I finally had to admit that someone WOULD be crying MOST, if not ALL, of the time. And eventually it would stop and they would all be sleeping for a bit and I could try to get my brain to work again. Unfortunately, all that brain power was "wasted" on all the housecleaning, laundry, and cooking I didn't get done when everyone was up....
It's hard, it really is...try to keep reminding yourself that this is JUST A SEASON. There are good things with every season, and there are bad things with every season! But the Lord has ordained these seasons out of His kindness for our good. But I know it's hard to see that right now!!
The ear infection is a definite possibility...sometimes they don't notice the pain until they lay down, and it doesn't always come with a fever. Worth a check, I think. Does his sleeping improve if you give him some pain reliever? I've also used the Hylands' ear pain tablets and they worked like a charm twice for Jonathan. They are homeopathic, gentle, and safe for little ones.

Melanie said...

Thanks for all of your suggestions about the ear infection. I looked up some info online and one of the signs of an infection is gold wax in the ear. I saw some in Ethan's ear a few days ago, so his ear drum may have already burst and is healing itself. I tried pressing around his ears last night and he didn't respond as if it hurt. I also gave him Tylenol before he went to bed, but he still woke up 3 times. I didn't nurse him, though. Anyway, thanks for the name of the homeo med, Kelly. I'll take a look.

I know he can sleep through the night. He's done it a few times.

We're in the middle of peds right now (I'll post about that soon), so I don't know where I would take him. Plus, from what I've read, it looks like ear infections pretty much heal on their own and I can help his pain by Tylenol and warm compresses.

Mallory never had an ear infection (to my knowledge), so this is new territory. I appreciate your suggestions!!!

Thank you SOOO much for all of the encouragement. It means so much from women I KNOW understands what I'm going through...Love you all!

Josh and Dana said...

I have to say, this scares me a little about having 2 little ones...and mine will be closer together, I think. Though it's good to know the possible challenges that are coming. When you were describing Ethan's behavior my first though was growth spurt(???). Anyway, I'll be praying for you, Melanie. Thanks for sharing all of this so honestly. It's neat to see that God is meeting you right in the moment and giving you just the right amount of grace you need.