Thursday, March 6, 2008

Doing better far

Mal seems to be feeling better today. She was pretty much miserable yesterday and today I'd say she just doesn't feel good. She's played with some of her toys, ate a little breakfast, and I was able to squeeze out a few smiles from her. She's in bed now and I'm ready for Ethan to wake up from his nap anytime...

We had a long night last night, but I'm trusting that God will give me, Patrick, Mal and E the strength to plug on through today so that tomorrow will come with even better reports than now.

Keep praying.


Anonymous said...

E man looks like he loves the solid food idea. He has a similar look of our buffet eaters at papa's. Won't be long and he'll be skarfing down pizza with grama and grandpa! Love the pictures. What a way to celebrate four months old! Mom

Mom said...

Mallory sounded like she had a lot to say when she spoke to us last night on the phone. You don't know how good it was to hear her jibber jabber. Hope she and E let you rest a little today. You are a wonderful mama! Mom