Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Pink Dress

While I was home, my mom gave me a little history of these dresses. Apparantly, I'm about 18 months old in these pictures and my mom said what was unusual about these dresses is that they were store-bought. Mom made a lot of our clothes or they were hand-me-downs. The dress is a Polly Flinders dress (I tried to find a website, but was unsuccessful) and mom and dad splurged on them. Mom saved them all these years and it was fun to put Mallory it in for some pictures.


Alister and Teresa Hill said...

Yes, yes, yes! Polly Flinders! My mom got quite a few dresses for Suzanne and Michelle from there! I think there was an "outlet store" in North Miami or somewhere near her work where she picked them up. From what I remember it was not a cheap store - she must've found them majorly on sale or something. What a neat memory for you!

Anonymous said...

I still think the children look like me.