Monday, April 28, 2008

A *brief* explaination of the craziness

1. Wed - peds appt, Patrick's eye appt, Cayman's vet appt, church
2. Thurs - day at the park, planting flowers in the garden, playing with the neighbor's dogs
3. Fri - Gram and Pops come into town, Patrick's sister Karen comes in town for a few hours from VA, Mallory is VERY sick, Ethan starts on Amoxicillan for his 4-week-old cough
4. Sat - Mallory is VERY sick again: 104.4 temp, won't drink/eat, lays around all day very lethargic; deciding we won't take her to the ER after talking to an RN at 2 separate times; keeping Ethan and Mallory separate; trying to have fun with Gram and Pops; photo shoot
5. Sun - staying home from church AGAIN with the kiddos while Patrick teaches his first Sunday School lesson (hate that I missed it!), Gram and Pops leave (after helping me with the kids after naps: big help!!), Mallory is feeling better but still very needy, sorted through a BUNCH of Mallory's clothes and separated them into keep/give away boxes (want some girl clothes, Kelly & Shannon?)
6. Mon - work on photos from photo shoot, Mallory is feeling better but still very needy, dealing with the stress of a decrease in my milk supply but have seen some positive results from suggested methods from handy, dandy lactation consultants (hope it continues...)

I could go into so much detail about each one of these things, but I have to leave it at that. But, I will say that we think Mallory had some sort of food poisoning. Patrick found a VERY old cup of milk in her closet that we think she may have partaken of. YUCKO!


Shannon said...

I would love some girl clothes :)

We should have spent Sunday together...since we both had sick kids. Thankfully, Gideon and Haddon were better within 24 hours!

We need to get's been too long. Our sick kids are getting in the way!

Courtney said...

Ugh. Old milk! I can't even imagine. And, giving clothes away?? Does this mean no more kiddos? Don't you just love that question. Seems I get asked daily... Hope all gets better soon. Love you!