Sunday, April 13, 2008

Home Again

Well, Ethan and I are skipping church again in order to give the boy some rest. He's been battling a cold for a week and since church interferes with 2 naps and since he was up for a little while last night, I figured it would be best for him to get his rest. He does not sleep well at church and since he's sick, he shouldn't go to nursery. He's been sleeping for an hour already. He needs it. I need him to feel better, too! I'm hoping that his snotty nose and cough will dwindle with a few days of good rest...though I've been saying that for a few days already! I can hear him breathing through the monitor I have set up next to the computer. I love hearing him breathe. What a sweet sound of life.

So, I'm at home. I'm currently listening to the end of Piper's message from last week. Very good. Challenging. This is the 19th message in a series...maybe I should listen to the first 18!

I took some pictures of Mallory playing in the backyard on Friday. I figured I'd capture some of Patrick's landscaping efforts as well. He's done a great job in the yard: seeding, fertilizing, mowing, planting, watering. He's planted a white dogwood, a pink dogwood, a redbud, 2 crape mertles, some azaleas, almond bushes and red roses. We're enjoying the beauty of the dogwoods right now...and, of course, the green grass. We love our yard and are looking forward to many outdoor days and evenings in the coming months!


Jessica said...

Just had to make a remark about how stunning your dogwood photos are--are the colors really that vibrant or did you sprinkle some photography magic on them? Either way they are beautiful!!

Hope Ethan gets to feeling better soon!!

Melanie said...

Jessica - there is a little bit of magic sprinkled on the dogwood photo, but not much. I just wanted to make the colors a bit more contrasted. The color of the dogwood is beautiful.

Eric said...
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Eric McCarty said...

Great pics! Can Patrick come by my house and sprinkle some landscaping magic?!