Friday, June 13, 2008

Travelling this weekend

We will be heading north this weekend to Culpeper, VA to visit Patrick's sister and her family. Patrick's folks will be up there, too, so it will be a nice gathering. Our neice, Skye, is turning 16 and in addition to celebrating her birthday, we'll be honoring all the dads, too. It should be nice, though this will be the longest trip we've taken thus far with both kids. It sould be a 5.5 - 6 hour trip without stops, so who knows how long it will take us! But, we're planning on leaving in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow so we're hoping to arrive around lunchtime.

Patrick's folks were at our house last weekend, so they'll get a double-dose of the grandkids. They are very excited, to say the least. This will be the first time Ethan has met his cousins and Uncle Rick, though he's already met his Aunt Karen (Patrick's sister). We're hoping Patrick's other sister, Kim, will be there too, but her family has had a bout of stomach flu and we're ones to vouch for how horrible that can be!!! So, the last I heard they were still unsure of their plans.

So, since we'll be travelling a longer distance than usual (4 hrs to both grandparents), I figured I'd go get the kids some travel pillows. I went to Target and found their travel pillows would have cost me 14.99 each. WHAT???? For a pillow? I looked at it and said to myself, I can make that. Yes, that's what a sewing machine has done to me. I thought I had enough fabric remnants for 2 pillows and all I needed to get with the stuffing. So, 1.5 hours later, voila! Travel pillows. And I saved us $30. That will go towards maybe a half a tank of gas these days (don't get me started!)...

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