Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Well, the kids and I are at my parent's house for a few days. We've been here since Monday and will probably leave tomorrow. I was hoping to get some R&R, but we've been busy ever since we've gotten here. We've been to the lake, we've played, and we've enjoyed playing with Gommy and Poppy (who Mallory has decided to call my mom and dad). We've been so busy, in fact, that we haven't even stepped foot inside Papa's and I haven't even had a single piece of pizza since I've been here (my folks own a pizza place for those who don't know...)! I'm hoping to remedy that this afternoon.

Anyway, Mal and Ethan had a GREAT time at the lake. There are lots of little fishes that swim close to the shore and I crumbled up a pretzel to give them so Mallory could see them up close. Needless to say, she was NOT happy to see all the fishes swimming around. Oh well. She might get a big kick out of it when she's older, at least Poppy hopes so...

I have only taken one picture since I've been here, which, again, is odd for me. I've just been too tired and unmotivated to get my camera out. It's shameful, I know. I have too many bags to carry around as it is and too heavy of a child to lug in addition to my camera. I do have my compact, but the battery died shortly after we arrived at the lake. *sigh* Could someone give me a shot of energy? I wish someone would figure out how to bottle up the energy of a 2 year old and sell it over the counter. I'd buy it.

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Am&a said...

Glad to hear you're having such fun with Gommy & Poppy. :-)

THEY should be taking pictures of YOU.... Don't feel bad.

Enjoy your pizza... and have a safe trip home! Aunt Amanda loves you all!!