Thursday, June 19, 2008

We're cuttin'!

While I was web-cammin' it with my parents this morning, I noticed Ethan has a tooth coming in. I can't believe my baby is not toothless anymore!!! Yet another sign that he's growing up. He's also cut out one of his naps (down to two naps a day) and one of his feedings (down to 4 breastfeedings a day). The change of schedules transitioned so smoothly, where it seemed as though it was more of an effort with Mallory.

Here are two pictures I took of the kids this morning. Ethan pretty much towers over his learning table, so he sits and plays with it unless I assist him. Mallory has a liking to this table as well. She brings it over to Ethan to play with, but as soon as he touches it she has a fit. There is a little salt & pepper shaker thing on it and when you move it, a voice says "Aaaa choo! Excuse me", which Mallory now yells LOUDLY whenever she plays with it. She's given both me and Ethan a start with her "AAAAAA CHOOOOOO".

(PS...Eric, I told Laressa last night that I bought this learning table from a garage sale that you all had like a year and a half ago. I didn't know you all then, but after I figured out where you lived, I remember that sale vividly. We were house hunting at the time and looked at the green house next door to y'all. But, I digress...)

And Patrick snagged the tent that's in Mallory's room from Karen's house while we were in VA. Mallory is LOVING the tent, though it will only temporarily be in her room. It's a pain to clean around, but it will remain there until the novelty wears off.

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Eric McCarty said...

Ha! That's crazy! I bet the table was Jon and Priscilla's (our good friends) since I don't remember it. You and 100 other folks nearly bought that house. The owners were not the negotiable types. But we have great neighbors now.