Monday, June 30, 2008

No road trip this year...

In July of '06 and '07, Mallory and I had headed down to Florida for a week of visiting friends and family. I decided to forgo the trip this year because I just didn't think Mallory could have handled it. She is such an introverted little girl and has a difficult time acclimating herself to new people and environments. I think she would have been miserable, thus making me miserable. So, my mom and dad are now en route to FL without us this year. I'm hoping to at least go see my sister in S. GA in August because she'll be in a musical and I'd like to see her perform. Those plans are still swimming around my brain, but as of now, we're staying put at home for the remainder of the summer.

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Courtney said...

Sorry to hear that - but just think of all the $ you'll save in gas!

I had to forego an Ohio trip later this month because I just don't think MD can handle it. Asheville for 1 night was absolute torture - for all 3 of us - so a car trip to Ohio, then random hotel rooms just sounds like H-E-double hockey sticks ;) So, Donnie's going it alone.

Enjoy your time at fact, cherish it!