Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A date night

Patrick and I went on a date while we were at my parent's house last weekend. Date nights have been very few and far between lately and by Patrick's suggestion, we decided to go ahead and drive into Athens for some alone time while we had babysitters. I had been in Athens the day before for the annual FL/GA basketball game I go to with my dad each winter and we had a chance to walk around downtown then. I really wanted to go back with my camera, so I'm glad Patrick and I decided to go. We ate at a little grill called "The Last Resort Grill" which was SOOOO good. I was very glad they were open on Sunday!

Here are some photos that I took from the evening. There aren't too many ones with me and Patrick in them...just some random places/things that I used to frequent or that caught my fancy.

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