Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl un-Mania

I've been very blah about the Super Bowl this year...and really most years. The NFL championship doesn't nearly excite me as much as the College National Championship (and most of you know why...). But, I do enjoy watching all the commercials, so I usually take my "breaks" during the game and hustle back to watch the commercials. Is that weird?

Anyway, we had no plans for tonight until last night. We'll be hanging out with some friends, BBQing in this beautiful, sunny upper-50 degree weather, a glorious change from the high-30s we've gotten used to this winter. I love being invited to parties, though this really isn't a party, per se, but a shin-dig where we have an excuse to get together, have a beer, and do something American like watch football (though there will be a few Canadians there as well...). I love friends.

It was good to come home from my unexpected travels. The grout in my floor is sparkly new and I'm very glad it's fixed. I've played catch up this weekend rather than sewed like I had hoped, but at least the kitchen floor is done. And my husband got MAJOR points by cleaning up almost the entire mess. There was really not much to be done when I got home as far as cleaning the dust, though I'm still finding places where dust has lingered inconspicuously. I haven't taken any pictures of anything of note lately (I forgot to bring my camera to my folks, if you can imagine!!!), so I have nothing to post now. You just get to enjoy more words instead.

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Amanda said...

Words are good. I'll take words. :-)

Love you! Can't wait to see you on V-day. Go Gators!!