Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hiding God's Word in our Hearts

I think this is going to be a new series of posts...at least I hope. Patrick and I have been talking a lot lately about how quickly Mallory is soaking in information and remembering it. She knows at least 50 songs or more and she remembers things that boggle our minds. I know that a lot of her scripture memory relys on the faithfulness of me and Patrick to teach them to her. I pray that she learns to hide God's word in her heart at a young age.

I tought her John 3:16 a few weeks ago and just finally caught it on video. She knows Ephesians 4:32 in song and a few others (in song, that is), which I need to figure out the references to.

John 3:16:

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Mom M said...

Hearing Mallory recite John 3:16 makes my heart leap with joy!!!
Luv U All
Mom M