Tuesday, April 7, 2009

An update on Ethan

We had Ethan's 15 month well visit yesterday (he's really 17 months, but we had 2 cancellations with this appt, so it's been late). He's in the "greater than 95th percentile" in height and weight and we were pretty much told he's the size of an average 2.5 year old. Yes, he's a big dude. One of the questions that they asked me was "so, how is his appetite?". I wanted to laugh, but I respectfully responded that it was very good.

He started getting another nasty runny nose on Saturday in addition to some eczema patches on his legs and face, which are signs of allergies. We have an appointment with an allergist next week to get him tested to see what he may be allergic to, if anything, that's causing him this sinus woes. His DR said that his little sinus system is more susceptible to infections now that he has had RSV, so what he has now may be in regards to that. BUT, he did prescribe Ethan an antibiotic in case it was a bacterial infection so that he can be more cleared up by the time his allergist appointment rolls around next week.

So, other than the nose stuff, he's doing very well. He says lots of words, eats great with a spoon, shares, plays with Mallory, imitates Mommy, and is just a happy, and very active, little guy.

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Courtney said...

I do hope you can find out if little E has allergies - then you can treat them! I'm suspicious of MD, but haven't really approached the subject with his Dr yet. Maybe next week (check-up) I hope you're feeling better! Take care...